Public Meeting for the 2035 General Plan Update

The City of Sacramento invites AIA Central Valley members to be a part of the 2035 General Plan update.  Your input is essential because a General Plan is only successful if it reflects the goals and priorities of those who work and live in our community.

At the meeting, staff will provide an overview of the key policy changes to the 2035 General Plan Update and then engage participants in order to obtain your feedback on the direction we’re heading with our proposed policy changes.

Meeting Details:
Weds, February 27, 2013
6:00 to 7:30 p.m.
New City Hall Lobby / 915 I Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

What is the General Plan?

The purpose of the 2035 General Plan is to plan for important community issues, including new growth, housing needs, and environmental protection. Furthermore, this plan will project future demand for infrastructure improvements (sewer, water, roadways, parks, and emergency services.)

Since the current General Plan was adopted in the 2009, some of the implementation measures have been completed but now new opportunities and challenges have arisen. We need an updated plan to manage Sacramento’s future growth, attract high quality businesses and jobs, protect natural resources, conserve energy and water, promote high quality design of buildings and public spaces, provide land for new parks and schools, and maintain public safety and municipal services-all of which contribute to the quality of life that residents have come to expect.

A cornerstone of this project includes several updated policies and programs that will form a blueprint for the physical development of our city through 2035.

What are the proposed changes during this update?

  • Incorporate Climate Action Plan (CAP) into General Plan
  • Create urban Level of Service (LOS) traffic standards in Mobility Element
  • Update Housing Element
    • Serves as the City’s housing strategy to address current and future housing needs, particularly those of lower-income households.  Includes updated demographic and housing information
    • City must ensure it has sufficient vacant residential sites to accommodate its share of the region’s future housing need
    • Plan must be certified by the State by fall of 2013
    • Will include recommendations for changes to the mixed income and housing trust fund ordinance
    • Update Tier 1 Priority Investment Site Inventory (key new growth areas)
    • Identify Tier 1 Investment Sites catalytic public infrastructure investment priorities
    • Update demographic data/projections consistent with 2035 SACOG MTP
    • Update park acreage requirements to better match existing service level

Got questions?

If you have any questions please contact Remi Mendoza at (916) 808-5003 or Or visit the 2035 General Plan Update project website.




The City of Sacramento Seeks AIACV Input To Help Them Make Changes

By Bruce Monighan, AIA Past President AIA Central Valley

If you, a client or a consultant has hit a roadblock, had a bad experience, or feels that development should go other places than the City of Sacramento get us the reason why and we will help create a change in policy and attitude.

The AIA Central Valley has been approached by a Sacramento City Councilman to identify policies, procedures, ordinances or culture that makes the City of Sacramento “unfriendly” to business.

The Council member is requesting a specific list from us to use as a “working tool” to identify what the City can do to make major changes. He wants to separate myth from reality and feels the best way to do that is have specifics to work on that we the design and development community have identified. The challenge is that we have just 30 days to put together a list.

To get a list together in time we need to do two things:

1. The first is that for all of you that have specific examples you can email them to me, and we will work on including them.

2. The second is that we will convene a meeting of all interested parties including the Chapter’s Public Policy/Urban Design Committee and spend a few hours listing and sorting concerns. This meeting is scheduled for 12 noon to 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, August 1st at the Chapter office, 1400 S Street, Suite 100 in mid-town Sacramento.

 Please participate in this unprecedented opportunity to directly shape our City.


Community Development Department Link

Curious about current preservation projects and approvals in the City of Sacramento?

Click here for a listing of projects or visit:

For more information, contact: the Community Development Department, Roberta Deering at, or
(916) 808-8259.


Represent Your Profession and Your Community


By Brian A. Sehnert AIA, LEED AP BD+C
Chapter Director

Are you an Architect or Allied Professional that lives in the City of Sacramento ?

The City of Sacramento has recently created a joint Planning & Design Commission. The current seven-member Design Commission and nine-member Planning Commission will be disbanded and replaced with a new joint Planning and Design Commission.

To integrate the objectives of the previous Design Commission, one (1) member shall have demonstrated interest, training and experience in master planning, urban design and land use or land use policy. Three (3) members shall have 1) demonstrated interest in urban design, landscape or architectural design, or physical development of the city, and; 2) shall be qualified by training or professional experience and demonstrated leadership in any of the following licensed categories: architect; LEED (or equivalent) architect; landscape architect; contractor or engineer. A minimum of two of these members shall be qualified in different categories.

Bob Chase, AIA and I have served as chairs and as members of the Design Commission in the past and found it to be one of the most rewarding experiences of our career.  As professional members of our community, the AIA Central Valley Board of Directors urges you to apply and supports your efforts to serve in our local government.

If you are eligible and have an interest (and are a city of Sacramento resident), further information and the application can be obtained by clicking here.

The deadline for submittal of applications is this Thursday, April 19, 2012.

Do it today!

Sacramento City Planning / Design Review Commission Appointments

The City of Sacramento has several open positions on the new joint Planning and Design Commission.

There are positions for Four (4) city residents nominated by the Personnel & Public Employees Committee.  The other positions are appointed by the Mayor or Council person  categories A and B.

For full details click here, or visit:

For the “at-large positions” these are the criteria

Category C-1
One (1) member shall have a demonstrated interest, training, or experience in master planning;
land use or land use policy; housing policy; large scale construction; urban planning; urban design; or mid-and high-rise urban, commercial, institutional and mixed-use projects.

Category C-2
Three (3) members shall have: (i) Demonstrated interest in urban design, landscape or architectural design, or physical development of the city and; (II) Shall be qualified by training or professional experience and demonstrated leadership in any of the following licensed categories: architect; LEED (or equivalent) architect; landscape architect; contractor or engineer. A minimum of two (2) of these members shall be qualified in different categories.


Provide Your Feedback!

The City of Sacramento invites AIACV members to attend a workshop to discuss the Entertainment and Sports Complex (ESC) in the Railyards and provide feedback on proposed site plans.

Date: Thursday, April 12, 2012
Time: 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm
Location: New City Hall, 1st Floor Lobby

 The agenda for the meeting includes discussion of the ESC site orientation, integration with current operations of the Sacramento Valley Station and future Sacramento Intermodal Transportation facilities, necessary infrastructure, and interface with the historic resources at the Railyards and the surrounding area.

# # #

The City of Sacramento is working to develop an Intermodal Transportation Facilities project and Entertainment and Sports Complex (ESC) at the Downtown Railyards. The proposed ESC project includes the construction and operation of a 675,000 square foot, approximately $387 million facility on the 13-acre site, located next to the existing historic Sacramento Valley Station Depot. The ESC includes a sports arena and associated commercial activities within one large building and is intended to replace the existing North Natomas arena.

Visit for more information.

Community Meeting on Climate Action Plan

The City of Sacramento Community Development Department is inviting the public to a community meeting on the draft climate action plan.

City staff will be on hand to provide an overview and garner public input on this comprehensive document containing cost-effective strategies and programs geared toward reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and helping the City better adapt to climate change.


November 16

6 p.m.

300 Richards Boulevard, Room 221


The City is also encouraging the public to take an online survey that encourages the community to make choices to reduce climate change. Preliminary results of the survey will be made available at the November 16 community meeting.


As part of the implementation of the City’s 2030 General Plan, earlier this month, Community Development rolled out its draft climate action plan. Prior to the development of the draft plan, Sacramento City Council earlier this year approved GHG reduction targets and a strategic policy framework to reduce citywide GHG emissions to 15 percent below 2005 levels by 2020. The formal draft climate action plan outlines:

  • Specific reduction targets for GHG emissions
  • Strategies, measures, and implementing actions to reduce GHG emissions
  • Measurable goals and key performance benchmarks for strategies and measures
  • Information with regard to future green collar jobs and ways to expand the green economy
  • Ways to improve energy independence and energy security
  • Strategies for adapting to climate change such as extreme temperatures, water scarcity, etc.

The City is obtaining feedback on the draft plan through December 9. The final plan will be presented to City Council for adoption early next year.

City’s Community Development Department Seeks Your Feedback

The City of Sacramento  Community Development Department is seeking feedback from the development community.
Please take a few minutes to  share your opinions on how they’re doing and how they can improve. The results are anonymous and candid responses are appreciated. The survey closes Friday July 15th.

Click here to access the survey.

Thank you for participating!