4th Wednesday Design Dialogue ~ SMUD East Campus-Operations Center: “Net-Zero” Energy Design


Please join us on Wednesday evening, October 26th beginning at 5:45pm for the final 4th Wednesday Design Dialogue (4WDD) of the year. This month’s presentation will explore the concepts of ‘Net-Zero Energy Building/Campus Design’ through the strategies employed on the SMUD East Campus Operations Center (the “EC-OC”).

The EC-OC is the latest in an ongoing series of efforts by SMUD – the country’s sixth largest public utility – to utilize energy efficient building strategies to serve its roughly 1.4 million customers.

In order to streamline their operational needs and provide centralized location for offices, workshops, storage areas, and parking for both employees and service vehicles, SMUD is developing the EC-OC on a new 51 acre site at the southeast corner of Bradshaw Road and Kiefer Boulevard in Sacramento County.

 The design/build team will deliver what is slated to become the nation’s largest, most sustainable fleet operations campus.  Planned for completion in 2013, the new facility will be a Net Zero Energy campus, meaning the campus will generate as much on-site renewable energy as its facilities will consume. The project is targeting LEED Platinum.

 Construction is currently underway with site grading and foundations.

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AIA credits available.


Doug Norwood
Technical Manager

Steve Schultz AIA, DBIA
Pre-construction Manager
Turner Construction

Arun Kaiwar AIA, LEED AP
Project Manager
Stantec Architecture

When: Wednesday, October 26th 2011
Where: AIACV Gallery (1400 S Street, Suite 100 in midtown, Sacramento)
Time: 5:45pm

This event is FREE and open to anyone. Refreshments provided.

Please RSVP to info@aiacv.org or call 916-444-3658.

Cancelled: 4th Wednesday Design Dialogue Focuses on Smart Growth Leadership


This month’s 4th Wednesday Design Dialogue (4WDD) has been cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

If you have any questions please contact the chapter office at  info@aiacv.org or 916-444-3658.

4th Wednesday Design Dialog ~ Complete Streets: West Capitol Avenue Improvements


 Please join AIACV on Wednesday evening,  August 24th beginning at 5:45pm in the Chapter gallery for this month’s 4th Wednesday Design Dialogue (4WDD).

“Complete Streets” is the inspiring story of the planning, re-design and transfiguration of West Sacramento’s main street area: West Capitol Avenue. The project completely transformed a portion of old highway US 40 with a wide variety of improvements including new, widened sidewalks, re-structured roads, contiguous bicycle lanes, pocket plazas, landscaping and iconic bus shelters which celebrate the City’s unique identity.

The re-development of this area has served to foster community spirit by addressing the needs of West Sacramento’s residents and employees and re-vitalizing the area by encouraging new private sector investment as well as complement the city’s Civic Center; which includes Los Rios Community College campus, Yolo County public library, West Sacramento Community Center and transit center.

Come listen to a presentation by MIG, SACOG, the City of West Sacramento and Dokken Engineering as they discuss this amazing project and its process from funding, planning and re-design to development and completion. Q & A panel discussion to follow.

Mukul Malhotra, Principal, MIG, Inc.

Greg Chew, Community Design Program Manager, SACOG
Rick Liptak, President, Dokken Engineering
Bill Panos, Department Head for Community Development, City of West Sacramento

This event is FREE and open to anyone. Refreshments provided.

Please RSVP to info@aiacv.org or call the chapter office at 916-444-3658.

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What: 4th Wednesday Design Dialog (4WDD) – Complete Streets: West Capitol Avenue Improvements
When: Wednesday, August 24th @ 5:45 – 7:30 pm
Where: AIACV Gallery, 1400 S Street, Suite 100, Sacramento

4th Wednesday Design Dialogue ~ Vegetative Green Roofs in Sacramento – The California State Lottery Headquarters


Date Posted: 07/21/2011

Posted By: Chris Brown

Vegetative Green Roofs in Sacramento – The California State Lottery Headquarters

Please join us on Wednesday evening, July 27th beginning at 5:45pm at the AIA Central Valley Chapter office for this month’s 4th Wednesday Design Dialogue (4WDD). LPAS Architecture + Design will be talking about their design and experiences with the Vegetative Green Roof at their newly constructed California State Lottery Headquarters. Curtis Owyang, Brady Smith and Dave Cubberly from LPAS will be giving the presentation and answering questions about the project and the first green roof of its kind in Sacramento. The California State Lottery Headquarters is LEED Gold Registered.

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The event is FREE and open to anyone. Refreshments provided.
Please RSVP to info@aiacv.org or call 916-444-3658.

What: 4th Wednesday Design Dialogue (4WDD) – “Vegetative Green Roofs in Sacramento – The California State Lottery Headquarters”
When: Wednesday, July 27th @ 5:45-7:30pm
Where: AIACV Chapter Office, 1400 S Street, Sacramento (Enter on 14th Street)

Facilitator: Brian Fischer, Co-founder and President of Playpen Hub Business Incubator.
For more info email Chris Brown at cbrown@dlrgroup.com

4th Wednesday Design Dialogue: Quantifying the Benefits of Street Trees

There’s a lot more green on a tree than just its leaves!

At this month’s 4WDD ISA-Certified Arborist Scott Gregory will talk about assessing the economic and environmental benfits of the urban forest.

Date: Wednesday June 22, 2011
Time: Doors open at 5:30, starts at 5:45 PM (Discussion and question/ answer session will follow the talk)
Place: AIACV Gallery, 1400 S Street, Suite 100, Sacto
RSVP: call 916-444-3658 or e-mail mhill@aiacv.org so we can provide adequate light refreshments. This is a FREE Event.

In April, Scott successfully defended his master’s thesis, “Quantifying Street Tree Function and Distribution: Analysis of Environmental Services, Population Characteristics, and Sidewalk Uplift in the City of Chico, California”. His thesis entailed inventory of inventory of 34,950 street trees, stumps, and available planting sites within the City of Chico and subsequent data analysis to quantify environmental services provided by the City’s street trees.

By identifying public and private trees in advance of potential tree failure, the street tree inventory is estimated to save the City of Chico as much as $30,000 per year in reduced maintenance and emergency clean-up costs. Carbon dioxide sequestration benefits have already been used in the development of the City of Chico Climate Action Plan, and the identification of available tree planting sites has subsequently assisted in the acquisition of a tree planting grant by Chico’s Street Tree Department.




New Video Added – Zeta Communities – February 4WDD


If you missed February’s 4th Wednesday Design Dialogue featuring ZETA Communities, you have an opportunity to watch it now on the AIACV’s Vimeo page.  Click on the Vimeo link under the “Connect with AIACV” to view this and other 4WDD videos.  You can also click on this link to go directly to the video.